Cremation Options

Sunset Crematory

Because of the growing demand for cremation, in 2001 Allen & Allen Funeral Home added Sunset Crematory to our offerings.  Allen & Allen is the only funeral home in the area that has it's own crematory.   Having our own crematory allows us to offer assurance to the families who choose cremation that we know that everything is being done in the manner that a family expects.  Your loved one would be in our care until the cremated remains are returned to you.

Cremation Options

For families choosing cremation there are many options available as to how to honor and celebrate a life.  From a traditional service followed by cremation instead of burial to a non-ceremonial cremation with no type of services and many options in between.  Listed below are a list of cremation options.  With all these options memorial urns, cremation jewelry, medallions, thumbies , videos and many memorial product are available.  For pricing information contact us using our contact form or call us at (229) 226-6331.

Traditional Service with Cremation

This is quickly becoming our most selected option. This option allows for a viewing and a ceremony before cremation. The deceased would be prepared for a viewing or visitation, placed in a cremation casket and would conclude with a service at any location.

Visitation with Cremation to Follow

This option allows for a gathering with family and friends before cremation with the deceased present. Cremation would be done after the gathering.

Family Viewing followed by Cremation

This allows for the family to have a private viewing followed by cremation.

Memorial Service After Cremation

Cremation would be done first and then a memorial service would follow. The cremated remains could be placed in a memorial urn and be present at the service.

Non-Ceremonial Cremation

This is cremation without any type of viewing or services.